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Beyond the glossy façade of travel influencers lies a league of explorers who don’t just flaunt their adventures but ignite the wanderlust within their followers. Meet these 5 travel bloggers from India who, through their genuine passion for exploration, are redefining the art of storytelling. If you haven’t hit that ‘Follow’ button yet, now’s the time to!

Larissa D’Sa- @larissa_wlc

Meet Larissa D’sa, championing the world of travel with a trailblazing spirit. She quotes herself as ‘All things Travel and Life’. Titled with the Travel Influencer of The Year at Cosmopolitan’s awards with eight prestigious wins and a spot in Forbes’ Top 100 list, Larissa’s journey isn’t just about ticking destinations off the list; it’s a visual extravaganza of adventure sports, and lifestyle. Her Instagram feed is a tapestry of diverse cultures and gorgeous hidden gems that tempt you on an exciting vacation. From enthralling reads to roaring bike rides, from the canvas of art to the rhythm of festivals, she’s a TEDx speaker, a brand collaborator, and also active on her YouTube channel where she captures travel vlogs with over 80 million views.

Savi & Vid- @bruised passports

Next we have on the list is, the power couple Savi & Vid who are redefining the travel narrative. Their endless passion and lively spirit drove people all around the world, putting them in the forefront of upcoming travel influencers. Making a brave choice to give up their corporate jobs and embark on a wild ride marks the start of their content journey. They changed the craft of travel by documenting their experience through socials. With over 1.2M followers, their content gives a glimpse of beautiful locations, delicious cuisines, and diverse traditions they explore. But they are more than just exceptional. ‘Bruised Passports: Discovering the Nomadic lifestyle’ is a travel diary written by the duo. Their book, which presents an original take on digital mobility, offers guidance and stories for those who are itching to travel and work remotely.

Tanya Khanijow- @tanyakhanijow

Tanya, a trailblazing travel influencer, her shift from a business analyst to a globe-trotting influencer with over 837K followers is nothing short of remarkable. Her early years of travelling between places sparked her love for discovering unfamiliar locations, which is why she has always been passionate about exploring. After many years of travelling, Tanya has become proficient at minor tasks that the majority find tedious, like selecting destinations, packing responsibly, best travel deals providing valuable insights for her followers. By working with NGOs such as the Smile Foundation, she widens her reach for greater causes. Her influential work has led to collaborations with major businesses and travel agencies such as Mercedes-Benz, Airbnb, and the Maldives Ministry of Tourism. She also got acclaim from magazines like Condé Nast Traveler, Forbes, and BBC Travel.

Siddhartha Joshi- @siddharthajoshi

Step into Siddhartha Joshi’s world, where travel isn’t just about seeing places; it’s about living the local story. But what sets him apart? With every Instagram post, his travel philosophy goes beyond beautiful landscapes, rather unravels the essence of each destination, delving into the pulse of communities, local traditions, and unspoken narratives. Siddhartha is more than just an advocate for ecologically conscious travel; he supports local artisans, small startups, and charitable events. Other than being an avid traveller, he is a wordsmith and cinematographer who receives admiration for his impressive pieces from international news publications.

Ankita Kumar-

A standout figure in the bustling world of travel influencers, Ankita Kumar with her fearless approach makes normal vacations into thrilling experiences for her followers. Her travel accounts go beyond wonderful photography- with tips on budget-friendly trips, solo adventures, and offbeat destinations. Ankita’s skill of digging up unseen treasures shows the true richness of indigenous communities that are sometimes overlooked by ordinary tourists. She highlights the world’s colourful backgrounds by weaving a kaleidoscope of thrills, lifestyle, and connections by her engaging storytelling. Having received recognition from major media such as the BBC, National Geographic, and Google for her sincerity and travel expertise, making her the right fit.

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