About Us

FinTroop is an IP of Dot Media Base in partnership with Shreya Jaiswal, a widely
loved finance content creator and Chartered accountant. Our main aim is to blur the
lines between money and you, making finance centric information accessible to all.

We truly believe that if you remove the intimidation between money and actually
understanding money, wealth generation becomes easier and more likely to occur.

From teaching you the A’B’C’s of money hygiene through our talented roster of
creators and their content to helping brands communicate their visions better, we are
the bridge between content and numbers.

Our Services

Talent Management
With Dot Media’s experience when it comes to making stars and Shreya’s financial prowess, our primary focus is to become India’s top finance creator management segment. With an exponentially growing roster of wonderful creators who challenge the norms of money every day, we take pride in creating an environment that is conducive to the growth of a brand-influencer synergy.
Influencer Campaigns
Having been in the business of content for many years now, our expertise also allows us to build lucrative influxes of campaigns that boost numbers, build communities and most importantly, drive sales. As a content first agency, we focus on quality before all else and make sure that the output, no matter how challenging the process, is always unique and never compromised on.
IP building
We at FinTroop truly believe that a brand and a product are nothing without the story they tell. Narrative building is often a factor that is ignored when it comes to all things finance. Integrating two powerful catalysts of growth - creativity and numbers - we have found the perfect formula to build lasting IP’s for all your finance centric products.

Our Brands