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India is known as the Spice Capital for good reason—especially given its diverse hospitality setting. Whether it’s the spicy Delhi Chole-Bhature or the tempting Rasmalai, these Instagram influencers are always on a quest to uncover the most delectable dishes for us! That’s precisely why people follow their food advice to answer that eternal question, ‘What’s on the menu today?’ Let’s dive into the world of these top 5 food bloggers, giving enjoyable content you won’t want to miss in 2023!

Shivesh Bhatia- @shivesh17

Graduated as a Political Science student, only to realise that life had tastier plans in store that crowned him into the Best Food Blogger of his generation. In late 2014, he ventured into blogging and made his own Instagram community, a decision that changed his life. After a year, he switched from blogging to having his own website. Over time, he started winning the titles like Outlook Social Media award to being featured in Vogue’s “20 Under 26” list and “30 Under 30”. CondeNast Traveler India honoured him as the Social Media Star of the year in 2017, and many more. He then started publishing his own books, with ‘Bake With Shivesh’, which soared as an Amazon bestseller, followed by ‘Desserts For Every Mood’, and ‘Eggless Baking With Shivesh’, a top pick in the Food & Drinks category.

Karan Dua- @dilsefoodie

With a growing fanbase of 1.1M, Karan isn’t just a food enthusiast; he’s an influential figure in the culinary world. His suggestions, varying from haute dining to street food, have been featured in reputable magazines such as The Economist, Forbes India, and The Hindu. Karan is a social gourmet and blogger who curates his interesting videos to highlight local street sellers. On top of this his website,, is a treasure trove of India’s culinary gems, serving up delightful food experiences.

Sarah Hussain- @zingyzest

Bringing a vibrant splash of flavour and quirk to the Indian culinary landscape, Sarah, as her Instagram handle suggests, is a ‘zestful trendsetter’. As a food critic, she curates a tempting trail across Indian restaurants posting her food escapades on Instagram. During the pandemic, she created a trendy series of recipes that quickly gained attention which then gave rise to a successful YouTube channel called ‘Zingy Zest’ with around 157K subscribers and over 591K Instagram followers now. Her feed is more than just food; it’s an eye candy that invites you into the world of mouth watering treats. It’s a page printed with lively shots and engaging videos. Her quest for places and delightful finds as a full-time food blogger will undoubtedly leave you wanting for more!

Chahat Anand- @chahat_anand

Chahat Anand, proudly puts on the hat of an Instagram blogger and food influencer. Her two main interests are travelling and tasting new cuisines. She travels to different regions of the world and enjoys different types of foods, posting her wonderful quests on Instagram. Not just limited to Instagram, She shares her gastronomic thrills on Facebook and YouTube as well. Chahat compiles her exciting moments, covering anything from mouth watering keto diets to exotic cuisine tours in Gujarat, Agra, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, and more. Her adventure doesn’t end there! She has teamed up with popular brands like YouTube India and Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, showing her skill for amazing partnerships. Follow to accompany her food discoveries!

Swarali Kulkarni- @mumbaifoodjunkie

Amidst the swarm of bloggers appearing every other day, Swarali Kulkarni stands out in her own league. Celebrating seven years of her blog, Mumbai Food Junkie, her secret recipe is simple: an endless love for food and photography. Kulkarni digs deep into India’s cultural histories, finding hidden gems instead of only highlighting the finest diners. Her uniqueness shines through diverse content—from sponsored posts to workshops, brand campaigns, and more. So, give her page a follow and savour her flavorful journey!

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