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Influencers should use Snapchat because it offers real-time engagement with their audience. Its disappearing content keeps followers hooked, encouraging regular interaction on every day basis. The short-lived feature of stories and posts also curates a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Overall, Snapchat is a unique and effective platform for influencers to connect, show their creativity, and amplify their content. Let’s dive into top 5 influencers that are using Snapchat to create amazing content:

Karan Kundra (@kundraofficial)

Karan Kundra, a charismatic actor and Snapchat enthusiast is a prominent figure on the platform. The Punjabi Munda is capturing attention nationwide, interacting with his audience in creative ways with the help of AR filters. He is ruling Snapchat with 400k+ subscribers on his channel.

Sakshi Keswani (@beingsuku025)

Sakshi Keshwani, popularly known as Suku is a social media sensation. She has made the world her stage by being a digital content creator who likes to entertain people through her acting. Snapchat lenses are the best way for her to interact with her audience and share the behind-the-scenes glimpses from her travel diaries. Her talent and energetic vibe have made her leave an imprint on Snapchat and the world.

Aryan Kataria (@katariaaryann)

Aryank Kataria, a GenZ prankster with his witty and sarcastic comments is making a mark in social media. His comedy flair brings a smile to people’s faces and connects with his audience at large. Snapchat stickers and Bitmoji help him to create even more funny content and connect with his audience through innovative yet creative ways. He is that – hasi ke gubbare for his audience.

Deepak Kalra (@deepakkalra)

A versatile actor, rapper, anchor, and music composer is a prominent figure on the Snapchat platform. The Jabra fan hasn’t left any stone unturned and touched millions of hearts as a content creator in the world dominated by GenZ. He entertains his audience with his dance moves on the Snapchat platform and makes everyone groove to his beat. Stay tuned to catch all the latest snaps from him. In the ever-changing era of social media, these top 4 content creators have made an impact on Snapchat. They connect with their followers in a unique and creative way on Snapchat and are the trendsetters in this digital era. These influencers are leveraging the Snapchat platform in creative and innovative ways. Follow them to know more!

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