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Financial influencers are content creators who utilize social media platforms to provide information and understanding on various topics such as financial literacy, risk management, taxation, insurance, mutual funds, and other financial products. Their goal is to keep the audience updated with the latest trends in the financial industry. These influencers share tips and strategies through social media channels for effective money management. They simplify complex terms, raise awareness about potential scams, and explain new government and income tax rules in a straightforward manner, making it easier for the audience to understand and relate to. In this digital era, following financial influencers is important for staying informed about crucial financial matters. They act as valuable resources, offering insights that help individuals make informed decisions about their finances. Here are the top 5 finfluencers that you must follow in 2024!

Chinmay Trivedi

Chinmay Trivedi is a content creator who educates his audience about trading and stock markets. With 136K followers on Instagram and 12.1K followers on YouTube, he has gained popularity for breaking down complex topics related to trading and stock markets. His current focus is to teach his audience, who are also investors, how to master the stock market in less time on a daily basis.


Mahalaxmi is a Chartered accountant, and mentor turned content creator. She provides valuable insights on topics like venture capital, fundraising, and the start-up ecosystem that has a premium audience base. She creates content by giving practical knowledge and guidance to her audience.

Smit Thakkar

Smit Thakkar is a mechanical engineer turned full-time investment consultant and personal finance influencer. He creates content to spread awareness about trading and personal finance and share insights on trading-related topics. Currently, he’s on a mission to help at least 1,00,000 Indians achieve to be financially self-reliant.

Shivam Budhiraja

Shivam Budhiraja focuses on educating his audience so they can be aware and make wise decisions in terms of money. He primarily creates content on topics such as investments, taxes, Insurance, and more. He has 220k+ followers on Instagram with a trending video on YouTube having 15k+ views on “How to save Rs 20 lakhs on a new Fortuner”. Don’t forget to follow him if you want to be a financially savvy person in 2024.

Shreya Jaiswal

Shreya Jaiswal is a chartered accountant, specialised in Direct Taxes and a content creator. She has started on a journey to simplify and help people understand the nuances of the finance and business world. She is the youngest motivational speaker with 200K+ followers on Instagram and 100k+ followers on YouTube. In a nutshell, finfluencers are helping their audience to level up to become more aware about Taxation, Stock markets, Mutual funds, and many more products related to finance and business world. These finance influencers are game-changers in reshaping the finance industry by building trust among the investors and audience.

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