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Meet the Fab Five: The Trendsetting Titans of Influence

We’re all absorbed with the runway! From having an immense knack for creating our own face brand to storytelling through fashion creates a lasting impression on the viewers. One deliberate fashion decision can make or break the career. We find ourselves enthusiastically following the steps of influencers’ these days, taking cues from their ways of putting clothes and incorporating their tastes in our purchases.

The most active boosters of new ideas, despite the ongoing impact of peers, models, and celebrities, are the leading trendsetters. They become a guide in the always changing world of fashion. So, are we ready to meet our top picks?

Komal Pandey- @komalpandeyofficial

The first obvious choice is Komal Pandey, a trendsetter with 1.9 million Instagram followers, she definitely is a standout. Her atypical taste is characterised by its bold discovery of unique and wild aesthetics. Her Instagram is a veritable fashion oasis, full with ideas for adding a quirky touch to your look. Komal bravely experimented with a variety of looks when she first started her fashion adventure in her teens. Her affinity for quirky style and her ease in pairing up things strongly attracted the eye of fashionistas across. At present, Komal is recognized for her brave and stylish trend, always breaking what is possible that define conventional. She has the ability to jazz up even the most basic attire with dramatic accents or striking layers.

Santoshi Shetty- @santoshishetty

The maven of street-style trendsetter, Santoshi Shetty, is a top choice for urban ideas because of the casual refreshing element, bravery, and flair that her content emanates. She shares her challenges with wellness and fashion on her blog, ‘Style Edge’. She has also previously collaborated with Calvin Klein to spread their healthy, vegan, and sustainable perfumes. She brought out her chic style at the beginning of the career which was given a lot of appreciation by her viewers. She is popular for her avant-garde street-style collections and stream features stylish looks that combine high-end and brand mush, such as saris and co-ord sets which got her this far. A must-follow for your everyday ideas of creativity if this style is your cup of tea!

Masoom Minawala- @masoomminawala

Being an expert in the field for more than 10 years, Masoom Minawala is not only a leading worldwide trendsetter but also an astute businesswoman and stylish content creator. Working with industry titans like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, Estée Lauder, and Samsung, Masoom has made a name for herself. Her drive for expressing her individual opinions with society at large and her intense optimism for fashion drove her to jump into this path. Masoom began posting about her fashion knowledge out of her zeal for all things exquisite. Her content rose traction with an increasing fan base of admirers who are enamoured with her sense of style and captivating demeanour in this fast pace of time.

Ankush Bahuguna- @ankushbahuguna

Karron S Dhinggra- @theformaledit

Professionally qualified as a lawyer, Karron S. Dhingra became Instagram’s most trending fashion influencer. The USP is his ability to add a fair dose of satire to blogs about garments and styling. Karron’s life revolves around fashion, which has earned him thrice an award for “Fashion Influencer of the Year ” in 2019, 2020, and 2022, despite being not from this field. Really a win, isn’t it? He was seen in a sea-green traditional Indian Kurta from his “Day Wedding Ideas,” blog which drew an outburst of attention. Karron’s individuality is obvious in the way he effortlessly pairs clothes with right accessories to give a finishing touch. Besides his taste for fashion, his followers like him for the wit and entertainment quality of the content he makes. It keeps them hooked and interested to find what’s in store next!

In the dynamic world of fashion, these trendsetting influencers, including the bold and unique stylings of Komal Pandey, the refreshing urban flair of Santoshi Shetty, the seasoned expertise of Masoom Minawala, the boundary-breaking fashion of Ankush Bahuguna, and the witty yet stylish approach of Karron S Dhinggra, collectively redefine the fashion narrative. Each with their distinct approach, they inspire us to embrace individuality and creativity in our wardrobe choices. As they continue to shape and challenge the norms of the industry, these influencers not only offer a glimpse into the latest trends but also encourage us to confidently express our unique styles in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.

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