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Influencers make brands appealing and create creative content for the target audience to engage with the brand. NRI influencers help brands to expand their target audience and reach out to them across the globe. In today’s world, brands rely upon influencer marketing to create awareness about their brand, generate more traffic, and deliver the right message to the right target audience. These NRI cum desi influencers are making their mark in this ever-growing sector. This blog highlights diverse content creators ranging from Fashion to Finance trends. Here’s a list of desi influencers who have grown their fanbase across the country.

Masoom Minawala (@masoomminawla)

She is a global fashion and lifestyle influencer from India who has a strong social media presence. She is known for her trendy style of wearing international labels, and upcoming Indian brands, along with her red-carpet looks. She has represented India at the Cannes Film Festival for three consecutive years.

Shivani Bafna (Shivani_bafna)

A content creator who aspired to become a Bollywood TV host and kept building her social media presence since then. A fashion, lifestyle, and luxury influencer. She mainly creates content that shows her true self from having a fan moment to being an influencer. You can’t miss her viral proposal video.

Isha Multani (@ishamultani)

A social media strategist, content writer, and luxury bridal influencer. She dresses up like a Barbie doll coming out of Manish Malhotra’s wardrobe. With 2L+ followers she shares her unique fusion wear in lehengas. Follow her to catch up on all the latest trends when it comes to weddings.

Sahas Chopra (@sahaschopra)

He is a content creator and educator in the Finance industry. He breaks down complex topics into various short videos to make them relatable to his audience. He mainly focuses on educating his audience about various sectors from temples to Finance, he knows it all. He shares tips, tricks, and his opinions on the personal experiences he had. Follow him to get all the latest and trendy news in a simplified way.

Araiya Bhattacharjee (_araiya_)

A GenZ fashion and lifestyle creator who keeps her audience engaged with the latest trends in the industry. She helps brands create awareness through her adorable way with a twist of GenZ. NRI influencers have significant influence in the global marketing landscape, offering brands a unique opportunity to enhance their visibility in foreign states. Through cultural bridging, diverse audience engagement, and storytelling, of global and local trends. They inspire millions of people worldwide.

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