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Social media continues to grow as the preferred source for all things related to trends and lifestyle in today’s digital age. Your style guide can be found in the fun “Get Ready With Me” reels, sleek “Outfit Of The Day” posts, and fascinating thrift hauls. It is a true goldmine of ideas, particularly for those of us who occasionally find it difficult to put together a perfect pair or who wish to step up in this A-game. What’s best is that it takes just a scroll to find out who is acing what. So without further ado, check out these top 10 fashion influencers who are currently slaying it on the runway for those who acknowledge fashion that is studded with freshness, creativity, and resemblance!

Sakshi Sindwani – @stylemeupwithsakshi:

In the fashion industry, the first name that pops out is Sakshi Sindwani, a trendsetter who has changed the outlook on how society views plus-size bodies. Through her hashtag #StyleMeUpWithSakhi, the fashion blogger and size positivity campaigner provides a novel viewpoint on body size. From mixing prints to styling sarees with grace, you can learn by watching her short yet interesting tutorials. Above all, she encourages people to ignore cyber trolling and let them decide what’s best for their bodies. She is widely acknowledged as one of the top Indian followers of the Instagram community.

Kritika Khurana – @thatbohogirl

When Instagram was still in its early phases, Kritika Khurana, also known as ThatBohoGirl, earned popularity in the fashion sector by publicly showing her views on trends, stylish outfits, and her everyday wardrobe selections. She sticks to a style that is accessible and grounded, earning the title of “boho girl.” This Indian fashion influencer has a unique way of making you fall in love with boho accessories as the last touch on your ensemble. She was recently among the outstanding winners of the Times 40 under 40 awards, and she expressed gratitude to her peers and fans on Instagram with a heartfelt post.

Mansi Ugale – @mansiugale

Introducing Mansi Ugale, the industry’s creative multitasker. She is an incredible one-woman team, and her enthusiasm has no limits. She is a self-portrait photographer who works as a beauty aficionado but, importantly, a storyteller at her core. But it’s her unique attitude that really makes her stand out. She is worthy of being followed for many reasons other than simply her great sense of style. It’s the creative method she uses. Don’t miss the chance to follow Mansi on YouTube and Instagram if you’re searching for a novel and unmatched curiosity into the world of fashion.

Diksha Rawat – @diksharawat22

Diksha Rawat is an absolute fashion icon when it comes to contemporary and Indian fashion. She is the one you should look up to when you want to know how to balance contrasting colors. Pretty impressive, right? Her minimalistic taste is what sets her apart. You’ll get caught up in a brilliant world of flavors the moment you open her profile. A variety of different looks, sophisticated neutral tones, and alluring Indian attire will make you awestruck. Whether you’re searching for easy-to-wear style ideas or just something to look at, she is the right pick!

Mannat Sandhu – @mannat_sandhu

We are in love with the plethora of promising influencers that India has been seeing in the fashion industry. Mannat Sandhu is one of these emerging artists who stand out from the crowd and is sure to leave a lasting impression because of her individual style. She even won the coveted title of Cosmo India’s 2020 Emerging Fashion Influencer of the Year in the under 100k followers category. If “Tell me ways to be fashionable and still make it comfortable” is your 2023 mantra, then you should look up to her. Her carefree street style and fun videos blend up to create a pleasing fashion treat for your eyes.

Usaamah Siddique – @usaamahsiddique

Let me introduce you to Usaamah Siddique, a phenomenal fashion blogger and celebrity stylist from India. He is the brain behind “The Dapper Label,” a leading website for all things men’s grooming and textiles. The three words that most describe Usaamah’s aesthetics are “oversized, comfortable, and keen.” He is on an amazing campaign to inspire Indian men to engage in personal care and show everyone their best selves every day. His essentials include a wide range of subjects, from perfumes, grooming kits, and men’s cosmetics to offer professional style guidance that appeals to contemporary males.

Siddharth Batra – @siddharth93batra

With his famous hashtag, #GuyBeauty, Siddharth made a dramatic entry into this game while upending stereotypes about masculinity and beauty. He is a trailblazer who broke stereotypes and made men’s personal care products a big deal in India. Fearlessly embracing crop tops, necklaces, jewelry, and even colorful nail lacquer, Siddharth is certain that hygiene and aesthetics identify no gender bounds. His work gives a stimulating and innovative perspective on existing Indian fashion.

Sakshi - @lightupunicorns

Sakshi is a rising star in the Indian social media scene, and she’s captured the hearts of many with her captivating content centered around makeup and fashion. Her ability to craft engaging and informative content has led to a surge in her popularity and a growing fan base. Sakshi’s creative work in the world of beauty and fashion has not only garnered attention but also contributed to her status as a noteworthy social media influencer.

Sanket Mehta – @sankett25

A well-known male fashion influencer in India, Sanket Mehta captivates his audience with a unique blend of urban fashion, modern Indian garments, and traditional attire. He stands out from his contemporaries because of his charming and downtown look. Sanket has become an icon in the industry and paved the way for many other designers by walking their ramp. Additionally, he explores many style pieces with ease while frequently creating top-notch looks. He is a master of all things fashion, whether he’s following the retro style or adding innovative flair to vintage garb.

Aryan Nalawade - @aryann.n

Instagram influencer Aryan Nalawade is popular alongside other creators. He is famous for conveying travel, lifestyle, and fashion-related pieces. The spark that drove him to pursue his heart and aspirations was his unwavering desire to carve out a space for himself as an individual and his deep passion for what he does. His content on fashion and lifestyle shows up on his aesthetic profile. On social, he often posts glimpses of his interests and way of life. Not to mention his dazzling style, rich wardrobe, and dapper demeanor are worth taking a look at.In a world where fashion is constantly evolving, these top Indian fashion influencers have carved out their unique niches. They not only inspire but also redefine style, breaking boundaries, and sharing their passion with the world. With their distinctive perspectives and dedication to individuality, these fashion mavens continue to shape the fashion landscape. So, whether you’re seeking the latest trends or simply a daily dose of inspiration, make sure to follow these fashion-forward influencers to elevate your style game and keep up with the ever-changing world of fashion.

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